Random Review #1: The Sims 2 (expansions, expansions everywhere!)

I found the time lately to play many games that I used to enjoy, used to hate, or have never played before. With The Sims 2, I always had mixed reactions. On one hand, it is a very expansive, extremely well-put together and graphically adept, but for whatever reason, through all of the game’s neat quirks, I always seem to find myself becoming very bored and frustrated at my virtual beings rather quickly. On the whole, this is a good game, I am impressed that EA and Maxis have crammed so much into one disc (I lied, there are at least 15 discs if you have all the expansion packs…) , improving hugely on the original game, which was a massive hit. I would say buy The Sims 3 instead, but I can’t really tell you what’s new/different with that, since I haven’t got it. I would give The Sims 2 about 7.3/10, and to improve, Maxis need to find a way to make the game not become as boring as it does, i.e. it shouldn’t drag on as much. Nonetheless, it’s still a great game, play it if you haven’t (although with all the sales it accumulated, over 125 million copies across the franchise, according to ea.com, I would find that hard to believe).

I would’ve put a screenshot of two sims fighting while another one watches and a fourth is naked in the background, since that pretty much sums up The Sims 2, but I can’t find the location where the game saves screenshots, and printscreening didn’t work. Drat.

Well anyway, thanks for reading as always.