Blender- a 3D modelling package

Recently while I was brainstorming some ideas and making initial plans for my first 3D game, I decided I would need some kind of 3D modelling and animation software so after sifting through all the ones I couldn’t afford, which was seemingly all of them, I came across Blender, a free, open-source application which is exactly what I was looking for. It is simple to use, and any models and animations created using Blender can be imported directly into Unity, the 3D game engine I have talked about previously, so this will be extremely useful for making characters and objects to use in my game.


The interface is simple to get used to, with a simple but full layout, and there’s tons of options that allow you to manipulate the object you’re working on. I haven’t even touched on animation yet, but from what I have done, I can tell this is a very useful piece of software for anyone wishing to make 3D models for use in a game, for making a short film, or just for fun. I followed a simple YouTube tutorial and made a mug:


This mug started with just a cylinder, then by extruding, scaling, moving, adding and subtracting from it, I was able to create this. The tutorial is perfect for beginners, going through everything at a steady pace and explaining how everything works. The finished article looks superb too, almost life-like!  This will help greatly with my game development, and once I gain more experience with it, I will show you more of my projects. Thanks for reading!