Day 4 and 5 Progress

I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting the player to pick up the gems, as there must be some kind of error in my scripts or something, and I had hoped to show you that today but unfortunately it’s not yet working. However, I do at least have something to show you: I got the warping between levels partway implemented! There still needs to be some kind of animation and model for the actual portal, and a transition between the two levels, but the actual warping works and that makes me happy enough. platformer_test_2

The small red cuboid in the middle is the player, and the larger red cuboid to the right is a portal. Walk into it, and it will take you to another level I’ve constructed: platformer_test_3

This is “Level 1”, as it’s called in the code, and yes, it is really shiny. Currently it only has loads of gems in it, which you still can’t pick up. Damn it. I will try to find the error that’s preventing that from happening, then I will get back to you with the result. I know this doesn’t look like much work for day 5, but I’ve tried to spend as much time as I can on it, and I am new to this so don’t expect a triple-A game after the end of the month. I’m still learning while doing this, and hopefully my future projects will take off quicker too.

The next step is to fix the scripts, and try to make them more optimised, and then I will make better models for the gems, and some scenery. Maybe soon I will also get some enemies or NPC characters in the game, although that’s likely to come later rather than sooner. I may also do more drawings of possible enemies and characters and show them here.

The download link to the practice version of my game hasn’t changed, here it is:

Also, my friend kindly asked me to promote his blog, so here it is. He does game reviews and the like, so check it out!

Thanks for the support.