25/04/13 Update

Sorry I’ve been away for a while guys, I’ve been very busy with school work, and unfortunately that means I’ve been unable to get much done in the way of game development. This does mean I’m not doing the April Challenge I set out to do as such, however development on my game will continue until it’s completed and I feel that people will be satisfied with the final product. I may not be able to update the game very much in the next few weeks, as I have rapidly approaching AS modules, and I need time to work on revision for them, but I will do what I can, and the game should be officially released at some point in the future, maybe next year depending on how fast progress is. I have tried to add an options menu into the game, and it works how I want so far, albeit lacking features, which I will add later on. unity_platformer_7


Again, the player can be moved along with the WASD keys, as a little bonus feature. The current features on this screen are buttons to increase and decrease the graphics setting from Fastest to Fantastic, which is very noticeable on the terrain texture as you go from low to high quality, and our current graphics setting is shown below that. There are also a few computer specifications in the corner, just to give the player a little information about their computer. There’s also a button to return to the main menu, as this screen is accessed through a new button on the start screen. Yay. A really bad FPS counter is also at the bottom- I say it’s bad because it’s very very wrong, so you may as well ignore its existence. That’s all I have to show at the moment on my game, I will have more time later on to update it, so keep reading and come back often to see my progress. The download for the game has also been updated, as ever you can check it out here. Thanks for reading.