27/04/13 Update

Okay, I was wrong, I’ve had a while today to sort out more game stuff. There’s more options in the options menu, and I’ve worked on the game GUI, as well as other small things. As always you can check out the game by downloading it. Here are the changes:


There’s not much of a change here, but I remembered the floor is just ordinary terrain but it was boring and flat, so it deserved some kind of hills, to make it interesting. Its just little details like that which will make the final game just that little bit better.


Everything now has neat little boxes round them, I like how it looks. There’s a volume slider, which will change your volume from 0-100%, it’s pretty neat. However, since the game has no sounds currently, I don’t even know if it works or not, it should do though. The terrain is again altered to have some bumps, and it looks quite desert-y now, which is what I was going for. I could add some kind of sandstorm effect just to make it even better.


The part I’m most proud of with this update is the gem counter. It’s integral to the gameplay, and I’ve got it working flawlessly. Each gem is worth a certain amount- quartzes are worth one gem, emeralds two, onyxes 3, sapphires 4, rubies 5- and the game counts this and shows it in the corner of the screen. Another nice thing about this is that the portal in each level now requires a certain number of gems to unlock, currently this is 20 gems. If you try to jump through the portal with less than the required number of gems, you’ll just fly through it. I will add some text to show the name of the level and the number of required gems (if applicable) in front of/above/near portals in the future to help players.

The next step is to add more collectibles, and some kind of container for collectibles. More collectibles, such as additional gems, could be a good idea, but a rarer collectible is what I really want to add. They will be fewer and further between, and harder to find than regular gems. Some ideas I have at the moment are diamonds (they could be quite large and sparkly to distinguish them from regular gems), gold bars, a kind of magical item, ideas like that. I’ll think of more then decide on one later. The containers will probably be in the form of crates, jars, destructible scenery etc, and when you break them open gems will fly out around you.

Another change will be the collision of the gems- I realised they float slightly above the ground so I’ll just raise the collision box of some of them. I will also add some animations for the gems so they rotate on the ground and sparkle occasionally, and so they disappear in a flurry of sparkles instead of spontaneously disappearing.

I also need to add scenery to the levels, in the form of buildings, boxes, bridges, roads, trees and other things to make the game more lifelike. This may take a while, and I want to concentrate on getting the game to work first, the decoration could come afterwards. I would like to add newer terrain textures too, not just the Unity defaults, so I will work on that.

As always, just leave a comment if you have any ideas, and thanks for the support.