13/05/13 Update

Today’s update has been focused a lot on the title screen. Now it has a space themed skybox, with a couple of rotating planets in the background and a stream of asteroids flying past the background. You can also see some dust on the planetoid you are standing on blowing to the left to show you are moving (in reality you aren’t, but it’s a nice effect). There are also two options for starting a game now: continue game and new game. Selecting new game allows you to create a new save slot, starting you off from scratch, and then when you complete levels the number of gems saved is unique to that player. If you select continue, then you can carry off from a previous save. Currently I made 3 slots for saves but I will probably increase that later.





You can’t see the asteroids much but if you play the game they will be clearer. ¬†Another thing I’ve done is a bit of bug fixing. I found out a while ago that if you die then try to pick up gems, then it won’t work, but now I’ve fixed it so you can still pick up gems. I’ve added more scenery too, in the form of some little houses. They’re basic, but I’m only a beginner so they will be improved in the future.

unity_platformer_23The rainbow is also thinner and doesn’t look wrong when viewed from the side, and I’ve made a better model and effects for the respawn pads. They now sparkle lots when activated, and a little bit when inactive.unity_platformer_22I have also obtained more textures and materials to use on terrain and other game objects. One example is the title screen skybox, which was part of a really high quality space set. The amazing thing is all of the stuff I’ve used to make this game was completely free so far, not a penny has been spent. One day that will have to change, but hopefully not for a while. If you want to try out the game, just download it here, and have fun playing! I’ve left some hints as to what’s coming next, too.