23/05/13 Update- Improving the title screen and health

Alpha 0.1.3b Update

I’ve been working on the title screen even more today, as I’m trying to upgrade the title screen GUI from the built-in Unity GUI stuff to another way of implementing a GUI which incorporates 3D text placed within the game world. Currently, only some of the buttons are present, but I hope to overhaul the entire title GUI to the new system by next update. unity_platformer_29

The player is now on a planet rather than a flat-ish terrain, which looks better. The planet rotates like the ones in the background, too, and the skybox of the title screen is the same, but the camera is positioned differently so the view is of another portion of the skybox. I’ve also been working on the health system, and so far I have added fire, which takes off 3 health. unity_platformer_30This mechanic works well, and I will add more hazards for the next update, each of which will damage the player different amounts. There have been some smaller changes, and to see those, you can watch this video or play the game.

You can download the playable version from here, and you can watch this video straight from my YouTube channel here.

Thanks for reading and watching, have fun playing!


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