Spinny Things – Project Spikes 05/10 Update

Finally, I’ve completed the 5th and final level of World 1! This level has a couple of new additions, one being rotating platforms.

spikes-19These platforms are pretty simple; all they do is spin around their centre at a set velocity. And I made this mess with them (have fun!). You’ve probably noticed that they have shadows too, as the latest version of Unity allows free accounts to use realtime shadows with one of their directional lights! This is great, because I could never get lightmapping to work well for me, what with all the moving scenery. It has a profound effect on the scene, making it look better than ever. The feature I most like in this update, however, is the new type of platform, that switches on and off every time you jump.

spikes-20I really like how these have turned out. The red cubes are where a platform will appear once you’ve jumped, and the platforms next to them will disappear. Both of these new platforms make nice puzzle combinations, together with the old platforms. I’ve also added doors, which play an opening animation whenever the player presses “e” while in range. A small GUI label will pop up whenever you’re close, so don’t worry about forgetting which key opens doors. To go with these are the new windows, which you can see in the building in the screenshot below.

spikes-21I’ve also made adjustments to the health bar at the top, with red appearing where life/health has been lost, as well as a few optimisations to moving platforms, allowing them to move along the x, y and z directions, not just tied to one axis. Along with this, the spiky balls of horrible impale-y death from the last update will now respawn when knocked off the end of the level. You can play the game in the same place as always – play it here!




2 thoughts on “Spinny Things – Project Spikes 05/10 Update

  1. It’s going great, and I really like level 5. The only thing is level 5 is too long to be enjoyable without a checkpoint in the middle, and so I didn’t finish it.

    Some things I noticed:
    In level 4 (I think it’s level 4, it’s the “behind you!” level) The place you exit from the button can be used to push the button at the start of the level. However, I only noticed this on my second play-through, and it made me feel smart so maybe you should consider leaving it, preferably camouflaging it.

    In level 5, at the start with the small static platforms you can jump on the railing and cross them like that. Again, it took some time to figure that out so you might keep it, and if you don’t then make the platforms bigger because they are waaaaay too hard to cross.

    It’s going well, don’t give up!

    PS. soon you will reach the stage when your motivation wears off and you want to stop doing the project and start something else. I know, it happened every time to me, and I often gave up and started something new (on which I would usually give up too).
    So don’t give up! It’s going great!

    • Thanks, I’m glad someone likes my game ๐Ÿ˜€

      I noticed that too, and next update will have checkpoints in longer levels, don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’d designed the level so that people whom were observant would notice the right-hand turn, then be able to shortcut the level, rather than having to tail back past the turrets, but disguising that section is a good idea.

      Ah, you make a good point, they are really tiny platforms, I’ll make them bigger!

      I know what you mean, I’ve worked on a couple other projects and I had really good ideas for them, but in the end it just lost its appeal and I got bored. This time, I decided to keep everything simple and I’ve kept my interest longer than I usually do, which is great. Thanks for the support, it’s greatly appreciated!

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