Textures, Finally! – Project Spikes 20/10 Update

I’ve been busy the past two weeks with my UCAS application and wasting my life playing Pokemon Y for hours on end, so I skipped last week’s update and worked towards this week instead. I’ve started the second world, which I’ve decided will be a maze world (it’s gonna be a-maze-ing, I promise).

spikes-23As you can see, I’ve also added blocky textures to the floor and walls, giving the game a nicer feel; I will make some textures to add to world 1 too, in the same blue colour scheme as the rest of the world. World 2’s colour scheme is brown, and as such, the skybox is also brown. I have redesigned turrets slightly, and applied similar textures to them, in red.

spikes-22To show players what to do, I’ve added a little tutorial screen, accessible from the start menu, that demonstrates the contents of the game and what the aims are. As features are added, I will expand this screen and perhaps make a playable level that guides the player through the game’s controls, features and aims.

I’ve had a lot of feedback asking for checkpoints in the longer levels, and in this update I’ve added them; currently they’re only invisible areas you can walk through, prompting a little box saying “Checkpoint reached” to pop up, but later I will make a proper object to stand on, and perhaps some particle effects to accompany respawning. Once you die, you now have a choice to return to the start menu and start the game again, or return to the level you dies in and try it again from the start, preventing you from having to do every level again to reach your death point. There is another new option on the start screen to go straight to the newest level too, if you don’t feel like playing all of the first world beforehand.


There have been a couple of tweaks to some levels too: level 4 has been redesigned a bit to make much more sense than it used to, and the upper section in level 5 with the moving spikes has been moved, as crouching and avoiding the spikes at the same time was annoying.

You can play the game in the usual place, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Have fun playing!