Fun With Physics – Project Spikes 26/10/13 Update

Play it here!

This update is pretty sweet, it improves greatly on some previous levels, particularly World 1 Level 4, which has been redesigned and textured, and now features a new game mechanic: the Force Gun!

spikes-25This gun can apply forces to certain objects, such as the cubes in the background of this picture, or the spiky death balls introduced in Level 4, when the mouse is clicked. If you left click, it’ll blast the object away from you, and if you right-click, it’ll pull it towards you, both accompanied by a particle effect, an animation and a sound. This paves the way for new puzzles which require moving around crates and other objects, and enables you to shoot away incoming hazards.

spikes-26As part of World 1 Level 4’s revamp, I’ve re-textured the entire level to fit the world’s light blue theme, such as the walls and spike balls. The main new addition in this update really comes into play in this level, as you must use the Force Gun to move wooden crates and enable you to jump over a wall. The small yellow thing is a new pickup that fills the force meter, the yellow bar under the health bar which shows how much power the Force Gun has left. They’re called gravits, after the force of gravity, showcasing how bad I am at naming things, part of the reason I can’t think of a name for the game yet. They have pickup sounds too, a bit like a retro coin pickup sound.


Each world will now have a level that acts as a hub: these levels have a practice area to get to grips with new features, and a cube to transport you to each level in that world. In the future, you will only be able to access the next world after beating all 5 levels, but right now you can simply challenge level 5 in the first world and finish that to advance straight to World 2. The practice area in World 1 gives the player the Force Gun and a few cubes to practice firing them around the place and get used to the gun. In addition, the black cubes at the beginning of each level will return you to the hub, rather than to the previous level.

spikes-28The tutorial screen has been improved too, adding textures, more boards to show you the controls, and a button to take you straight to the newest level in the game (also present on the start screen) – currently, this is World 1 Level 4, and in the future will be used for easier testing of the levels and to simplify getting feedback from people.


Another noteworthy update is the addition of a model and particles for checkpoints, making their presence a little more obvious.

There are even more features listed below. Here is the link to the game, and as always I hope you have fun playing!

-Redesigned World 4 Level 1, adding the Force Gun and textures.
-Force Gun, left click to blast away objects, right click to pull them in.
-Force meter to show the remaining Force Gun power.
-'Gravits': new pickups to fill the Force meter.
-Sounds added for pickups, menu selections and the Force Gun.
-Hub levels for each world, World 1 Hub has Force Gun practice room.
-Black cubes return player to hub.
-Much better checkpoints - model and particles.
-Textures and test button added to Tutorial screen.
-Spawners that spawn objects in the level - present in World 1 Hub.

3 thoughts on “Fun With Physics – Project Spikes 26/10/13 Update

  1. Love the new version, the textures are nice and the gun is great. The hub, too, is a good idea and there are checkpoints (finally!). Just a few small things:
    In level 5 after you cross the bridge and the few straight appearing/disappearing blocks and stand opposite the stairs at the second spike thing, there is a lighting bug. If I look at the stairs in the distance the blocks on my left are lit properly, but if I look at those blocks a shadow is cast on all of them. This is really peculiar and I don’t know what could be causing such a bug.

    That’s the only bug, but here are some things you might consider:

    The gun thing could be able to hold an object close to you, eg. so you could pick up boxes and place them on buttons or something.

    In the tutorial level, by pulling the falling boxes and throwing them after pulling nine of them I managed to get one box on top of another and be able to hop into the abyss where the boxes fall. This was very hard to do and gave me a great sense of achievement, but you might want to make it even better by adding an easter egg at the bottom (I really like easter eggs). It could well be something simple, like a sign saying “There are no easter eggs down here” or it could be something bigger, like an extra level.

    Also, the disappearing/appearing platforms and the fact that the force gun uses energy are quite important but not documented in the tutorial. In the future, it would also be nice if you got to check out all the features in the tutorial, make it bigger and be able to walk around in it. Although, you could also keep it for a more “arcade” and retro feel, so I don’t know.

    I hope all goes well,

    • I noticed the lighting bug too and I have no idea why it’s doing that, but since I’m currently going back and re-designing all the levels, it probably won’t be there after I’ve re-done that level. I’ll try to get the gun to hold objects in front of you, as that will help greatly when it comes to puzzles, and I might re-do the tutorial as an actual playable level at some point.

      I too like easter eggs (who doesn’t?), so at some point there’ll be a couple in the game. I really appreciate the feedback, it helps loads 🙂

      And thanks for sharing 😀

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