Guns, Lasers and Powerups – Project Spikes 24/11/13 Update

I swear the game will have a proper name soon enough, but more importantly there’s a new update, and it has lasers in it!


The laser gun, shown above, is used to burn obstacles in front of you, such as these cubes. They will then shrink until you’ve burned them into nothingness and they disappear, with loads of particle effects, and of course a vibrant blue laser! There’s also the new Destruction Gun, which is a one-shot device that will instantly kill the cubes and vapourise them. Even better, these two guns can be used against turrets to destroy them. There are icons for each gun to sit at the bottom of the screen when you’ve found them too. To switch between them, you can use the number keys 1-3, and later I will add scroll-wheel support too. The destruction gun costs 2 gravits per hit, the laser gun 1 gravit per half-second, and the force gun still guzzles 1 gravit every hit.


I’ve also been working on optimisation, taking out as many unnecessary parts of the game as possible so the game should run as fast as it can, even at high graphics settings, which is why I’ve changed the geometry of the levels by switching most of the level from 3D cubes made of 6 sides to 2D squares with only two sides. That still allows me to texture the level in pretty much the same way, but reduces the number of draw calls by about two thirds, so it’s a massive optimisation which will have minimal effect on the actual gameplay.


There are also new powerups, which will be placed in levels so that the player can use their unique abilities to solve new puzzles. This one, for example, gives the player an ‘antigravity jump’ which causes gravity to be reduced greatly, another speeds up time so the whole level moves quicker. They’re all pretty cool effects, which you can try out in a new level, the Testing Area, which you can access through the Start Menu. Talking of the start menu…


…it’s also had a bit of a makeover. It looks a damn sight better than the boring old screen, but does pretty much the same thing. All the information signs in the game have been changed so they are unlit, which means they won’t appear too dark, after feedback I received. Additionally, the field of view changes when the player is running, and a set of crosshairs appears under the player when airborne to show where you’ll land, two more features suggested to me. Also, in the options menu, there are a few more graphical options that disable shadows, in case your computer is extremely slow. You can play this new update by clicking this link.

Have fun playing, I hope you all have some good feedback for me 🙂

Oh yeah, and it’s probably best to avoid World 1 Level 5, it’s not been fixed yet. Just a heads-up.


4 thoughts on “Guns, Lasers and Powerups – Project Spikes 24/11/13 Update

  1. Nice progress on the game, especially like the guns, not much to improve on except on the last level the switching blocks are a little buggy i.e. they don’t switch @_@ other than that keep up the good word. Niggu out.

  2. You’ve made a lot of major changes since I say this last.
    However, I noticed that when I start the tutorial I fall through the floor. This also happens when I respawn. I had to hold the forwards button to be able to go through the level. And later when you’re trying out the gun I couldn’t simply use the gun to get the blocks out of the way, I had to run into them and shoot like mad. And when I did that the boxes on top stayed sellotaped to the ceiling. But still, the new tutorial is a big improvement over the static one.

    Will the “sprint like crazy” powerup have a sign in the bottom right corner of the screen, like anti-gravity does?

    Another thing- you can pick up the gravits even when you’re full. Is this intentional?
    Anyway, the game is going great, can’t wait until the next update.

    PS. I like the name “Project Spikes”! I think the finished version should have “spikes” in its title. “Operation Spikes” or something maybe.

  3. PPS. Running isn’t explained in the tutorial. I only learned you can do it by reading the previous update. I like the way your view “warps” a bit when you hold .

    • Wow, that’s a lot of feedback haha :p

      I’ve been going through all the levels and making sure you don’t fall through the floor, so it shouldn’t happen anymore. I also noticed that the cubes barely move, but that should also be fixed now. Glad you like the newer tutorial though!

      Eventually all the powerups will have icons, and there should be more of them too, and I’ll probably make it so that you don’t pick up gravits when the meter is full later on.

      I’m gonna expand the tutorial as I add features to the game, but I forgot this update, maybe next week haha.

      Glad you’re enjoying it though 🙂

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