The Half-Finished Update

It’s been ages since I did an update, but lately I’ve had loads of work piled on me, so I haven’t had much chance to work on it, so there won’t be an update quite yet. However, I’ll use this as an opportunity to ask you guys what you want to see in the game, what improvements you can suggest, and what’s broken horribly (which I’m guessing is loads). I also have a couple new additions that will be in the next update to show you!

Slightly improved graphic-y stuff!

spikes-44I’ve made the signs at the beginning of each level a bit more detailed, and I think they look better with a darker theme. The old ones are on the top, the new ones on the bottom. As you can see, there’s now a sign for World 2 Level 2 which means…

…Super-Horrible Maze Level!

spikes-46I went a bit crazy with World 2 Level 2 so far, and it’s a bit mental. There’s dead ends everywhere and loads of traps (which I’ve yet to put in). Good luck with that one, it’s rather horrible.

Nicer GUI Things

spikes-47This new GUI is shinier and GUI-ier than the old one, and generally functions better than the old one, as it doesn’t use Unity’s native GUI classes, which are pretty slow. I’ll have this update out in the near future, although I’m not sure how long it’ll take as I’m not sure how long I’ll have to work on it.

Anyway, have a good Christmas (if I’m not done with the update by then), and I hope you have feedback, any would help!




6 thoughts on “The Half-Finished Update

  1. I like the new update (although I didn’t have time to finish level 5, I’ll continue it later). I noticed that you didn’t put a link to the game in this post; I had to go to the previous update.

    Issues I found:
    Level Select – If you turn around at the start you see a big floating tower structure, what is that?

    Level 2 – You have to jump to get onto the checkpoint, you should be able to simply run onto it.

    Level 5 (a) – If you stand under the first moving platform it goes through you. It could be higher with stairs to help you onto it, kill you if you’re under it or at least force you to crouch.
    (b) – When you get to the checkpoint there is a ledge behind it, that seemed pointless (unless there is something there that I missed, but I looked there thoroughly)
    (c) – if you fall off and look at the underside of the building you see some blocks stuck to it.
    (d) – from a distance the block between the two spinning blocks looked like one of those appearing/disappearing platform blocks. They should have a different look, not just colour.

    General (a) – That thing that appears under you when you are in the air looks weird, it’s like a shadow but white and much different than the other shadows, what is that supposed to be?
    (b) – The first checkpoint I saw in level 1 I thought it was a power up; the power-ups and checkpoints should be easier to distinguish between.

    Also, I think the way you have limited lives should be removed; it doesn’t make the game more challenging (not in a fun way) and I almost quit when it happened last time. But the decision is up to you.

    Overall, the game is really fun, I especially liked the medpacks and the spinning platforms (the best was the one that mixed the spinning platform with the disappearing/appearing platform).

    Good Luck!

    • Oops, I just realized the update wasn’t yet finished. My bad. I wish it was possible to edit my previous comments. Oh well. Disregard the thing about not linking to the game, I didn’t read the last paragraph carefully. Can’t wait until Level 2!

      Also, I think project spikes should have a page up there to itself, I didn’t know you had a link to it in the links section.

      Anyway, Merry Christmas! (and a Happy New Year!) 😉

      • Haha that’s okay, I guess WordPress doesn’t like people editing their posts. Level 2 should be good, if you’re into twisty-turny mazes and stuff like that.

        If you mean there should be a page for the game, then I agree it would be a good idea, but I’m not sure (a) how to do it, and (b) if WordPress would even let me. But I’ll see what I can do.

        Merry Christmas to you too 😀

    • Thanks for such detailed advice/feedback, it really helps improve all the issues the game has 🙂

      Okay, so time to explain things I guess:

      Level Select: If you go to the top floor of the large building to the left when you start the level, you’ll see a powerup (the anti-gravity one) and some blocks that look like stairs; if you jump up these ‘stairs’, you can then float over to the small island with the tower, although I see why that wasn’t clear in the first place.

      Level 2: I’ve noticed the same thing sometimes, it’s because of the height of the checkpoint, but I can probably fix it so you can run onto them.

      Level 5: (a) That’s because of the way both the player and moving platforms work. I’ve been trying to find a way to enable the platforms to push people out of the way (I found the same problem with platforms moving horizontally, they won’t push you out of the way). The easy way out would be to whack some spikes on the bottom, but I want to actually make them push you out of the way.
      (b) The ledge is there because of the part of the level where you have to jump upwards (not sure of you’ve gotten to the bottom of the level yet where the turrets are), but when you have to use the high jump powerup, that is the area that juts out of the main building and causes the ledge, so yeah, there’s nothing important there
      (c) Those blocks are probably either powerups, checkpoints or the brown cubes. Sometimes I forget to move them so they don’t phase through the bottom of the level, I’ll fix that though.
      (d) They look a lot more similar than I thought, now that you point it out. I’ll probably change them a bit to look different from the switching platforms.

      General: (a) The white thing is supposed to be a sort of ‘landing crosshair’, which was suggested to me after other players said they found it hard to judge where they were landing. It does look a bit weird, but it does help me know where I’m landing.
      (b) Good idea, seeing as they’re currently just the same model, with a different colour.

      I guess I could remove the limited lives thing, it doesn’t really add much. If the levels were longer then it would add more of a challenge, but right now I see your point, it doesn’t add much, I’ll consider removing lives.

      Yay, I’m glad you like it, I’m trying to add as much to the game as I can, good to see that you’re enjoying it. Hope this reply clears things up a little 🙂

      • Thanks for clearing things up. I finished Level 5 and World 2. One thing I found is that in the testing area when I went over to the place with the falling boxes at the start I was catapulted far into the air, I managed to land on top of the ship and go behind the engines. However, I could not replicate the bug.
        Also, when you get to the spinning platforms in Level 5 you can jump onto the building and skip to the next checkpoint. There should be glass there as you won’t have the vaporizing gun yet. On a side note I think the laser should be called shrink ray.
        World 2 was fun, I liked the maze and the turrets hiding in places, but I think World 2 should introduce something new. Finally, it would be nice if the main menu turned into an orange-walled version when you reach World 2.
        You know, I really like the way you embrace falling off the map in your game – usually programmers do anything they can to stop you from falling off, and when you fall off you’re falling through a white abyss, in your game falling is something natural and not scary, something you try to avoid.

  2. No problem, thanks for all the feedback 🙂

    Yeah, unfortunately there’s a few times things like catapulting happens, I think it’s something to do with the way the the physics and character controllers interact with each other in Unity. Basically, it doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s really annoying, and I’m not sure how to fix it.

    I’m not sure exactly where about you mean, do you mean while you’re on the spinning platforms, you can just jump down to the checkpoint and avoid some of the other platforms? In which case I agree, I didn’t see that before. Hmm, well next update you’ll see why I can’t call it the shrink ray *yay teasers!* 😀

    I’ve been trying to think of something new for World 2. Originally, I was going to add guns as a new thing, but then I ended up adding them to World 1, so I’ll gave to find something else I guess

    Yeah, I get what you mean, more games should have death by falling infinitely. Maybe I should add a game mode where you fall forever as a bonus for collecting all the gold cubes haha 😀

    Also it doesn’t let me reply to replies of replies. How annoying :p

    ALSO: did you notice the new page at the top of the page? Have a look, it’s not perfect but it works.

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