Awesome Games – Super Hexagon


I’ve been using this blog mainly as a place to shout about my game, so today I’ll switch things up a bit and talk about an indie game I’ve not been able to put down for days – Super Hexagon.

What the heck is it? Looks mighty colourful!

Super Hexagon is the brainchild of Terry Cavanagh, the same sadistic motherfucker who brought us VVVVVV. You play as a small triangle thing, possessing only the ability to rotate around a hexagon, with the aim of not getting hit by incoming shapes. Then, throw in the fact the whole level itself spins round, changing direction occasionally. The shapes coming at you get weirder, faster and harder to avoid. By this point your fingers are probably wrapped around your controller or keyboard, jackhammering buttons in a futile attempt to dodge the malevolent shapes, all to the mesmerising wub-wub tunes of Chipzel. That’s Super Hexagon.

So shapes come flying at you. So what? Is that all there is?

Initially, yes. On the first level, named ‘Hexagon’ and with a warranted difficulty level of ‘Hard’, all you’ll really come across is simple shapes to start with, then the level eventually turns into a pentagon, then a square, switching things up a bit and reducing the time you have to react. On the second level, Hexagoner/Harder, the level starts getting a bit faster, throws more weird-shaped mechanics at you, and now the level stays hexagonal. But by the  third level, Hexagonest/Hardest, the difficulty level ramps up hugely, as the movement sensitivity increases to an insane level, and the game throws shapes at you like there’s no tomorrow, mixing the hardest stuff from the other levels whilst adding its own tricks. If you beat it, I take my non-existent hat off to you.

What about unlockable stuff?

When you reach 60 seconds on any given level, you reach hyper mode, where the stage changes colour and the speedometer goes off the charts, because it’s not impossible enough already. Once you’ve done that, then you’ve unlocked the hyper mode version of the level, with difficulties aptly called Hardester, Hardestest and Hardestestest. Those names are accurate, however. I’ve reached 60 seconds and beaten the first five levels, but I’m still stuck at a measly 16:38 seconds on Hexagonest hyper mode – it’s friggin’ impossible and I’m 99% sure I got THAT far by accident.

The game has been the subject of many rage quits videos on YouTube, such as this one:

For me, what’s so special about the game is that, however hard it gets, however frustrating it is that I died by *that* much, I never get angry. I just have another go, then another, and another, then before I know it, an hour’s passed. Then another hour. The soundtrack provides an incentive to try again, so I can hear another of the amazing songs again, however briefly. Then I can go grab a few friends and challenge them, try to beat their best times for each level. If you’re interested, my best times for each of the six levels currently stand at 212:42, 151:25, 64:10, 197:37, 92:00 and a pathetic 16:38, in that order. Try and beat them, or if you already have, post your own times below!

Where do I get me some Hexagon action?

The game’s available on most platforms, such as Steam, but you can also grab it DRM-free on desktop platforms from the Super Hexagon website. If you’re a fan of frustrating yet highly addictive games, outstanding music and chasing your own high scores, then this is the game for you.