A Completely Random Post #1

Seeing as I haven’t posted on here for quite a while, I’m going to post *something* to reassure you that I’ve not been murdered, or kidnapped, or otherwise disappeared off the face of the Earth.

What the heck have you been doing with your life?

Well, I’ve been plonking new ideas into my game recently, but a lot of the time, I’ll be halfway through doing such things, then see something slightly more enticing to do. Like games. Or TV. Or real life people. Point is, everything seems to be just a tiny bit more interesting than developing games – I’m a bit like a magpie in that respect, because games, TV and other people are all shiny compared to work. But I am doing stuff, I swear! I’ve got just less than a month ’til uni, but in that time I should be able to get a few more updates out there.


Me. Image credit: RSPB. I’m allowed to nick it if I give credit, right?

But anyways. I will have something brand-spanking-new to post in the next few days, so look out for that!

Okay, that’s fair enough, what the heck will you be doing with your life now?

Also, I seem to have returned to Java. And, I’m much better at it now! Seeing as how I did the C# stuff for my game, and they’re so similar, it’s kinda expected. So, maybe soon enough you’ll also see some good ol’ Java stuff dotted around this blog. Or, I could get my arse in gear and get an update for Spikes out even sooner than that.

But wait, why is everything else except game development more enticing?

It’s human nature. I’ll try explaining it like this: cookies are awesome. If you disagree, then it’ll be easier for everyone if you just left this site and never returned. But, if I spent every day eating nothing but cookies, then either I’m the cookie monster, at which point you should leave me alone with my cookies, or I’ll get sick of the sight of them and need to go eat a digestive, or custard cream. It’s also surprising I don’t yet have diabetes. So what’s happening is, I’ve got a bit sick of cookies and I’m eating digestives. But eventually, I’ll start craving cookies again, so soon enough I’ll be working on Project Spikes (and maybe I’ll actually add spikes in an update. Y’know, because it makes sense for a game to contain what it’s named after).


I’m also this guy. Nom.

Have any of you ever found yourself unmotivated by something suddenly? If so, how did you overcome it? Seriously. I need to know. This game isn’t going to update itself! Perhaps I’ll review the games I’ve been playing too. But for now, here’s something to read, and something for me to stave off boredom. Good day to you all 😀