A Game Design Tip A Day #1 – [Unity] Locking the Inspector

This is a new series I’m starting where I’ll post one little tidbit of information regarding some area of game design every day. I hope I can keep it up longer than most of my series!

In Unity, it is possible to lock the Inspector. You may want to do this for many reasons – maybe you want to drag loads of game objects into a script, or maybe you want two Inspectors open and need one of them to keep showing a specific object. Locking the Inspector is simple and very useful – just click the small (and easily missed) lock icon in the corner of the Inspector windowtip_a_day_01

I find this especially useful when I’m assigning a whole list of game objects to an array in the Inspector; rather than having to drag each individually, I can lock the inspector, select the whole list of game objects and drag them in bulk to the array. Just remember to unlock the Inspector afterwards!