Radicool Trip ~ WGD ‘Retro’ Two-Week Competition

It’s been a couple of weeks since the start of term, and with that came the return of Warwick Game Design’s Two-Week Competitions. I managed to cram a game into the past two weeks, and the result is Radicool Trip, a game where you’re an edgy 90’s kid with a slight addiction to a popular branded cola, Popsee.

radicool_01It’s exactly as dumb as it sounds.

It’s a short game, involving a trip from your bedroom to the shops. It was originally to be a sort-of puzzle platformer, but I spent so goddamn long on the text engine, it turned into a goofy text option-based… thing? I’m not even sure. It’s certainly not the most polished thing I’ve ever made, but it was enjoyable – the stupid 90’s references and jokes were fun to write. I like how the text engine worked out too; there’s room for improvement for sure, but I’ll most likely use it in future projects. Currently, the text system supports 6 rows of text with 14 mono-spaced characters each, but I’d like to add the ability to tweak the number of characters per row and switch from a purely mono-space font to variable-width fonts. I also hope to make the character controller feel better to control, as it’s currently a bit of a potato when it comes to jumping.

radicool_02Welcome to WGD.

The text engine also supported player choices in the form of small replies. The biggest pitfall of this is that each text box only supported one line of text – 14 characters – so replies were short. Plus, they obscured the actual text behind them. However, the concept of having different dialogue options and witty replies is something I’d like to build on, perhaps as part of an RPG.


Everyone loves options. Well, everyone has the option of liking options or not.

It’s an extremely short game (well, it’s basically just a tech demo of a text box), but I hope to take ideas from this into the next project. Speaking of which, the next WGD two-week competition is ‘Broken’ (with a side theme ‘Spooky’, for all the Halloween spookiness). I have plenty of ideas for it – I’ll most likely be going with a puzzle game I’ve wanted to make for a while, in which you have a world that can only be viewed from one side at a time using an orthographic camera. You’ll be able to view the world from different sides and rotate the world, but gravity will always act downwards so you’ll have to make sure the player doesn’t fall out of the world.

If you want to play Radicool Trip, you can try it out by clicking the flashy-looking button below. It’s short and there’s not much to do in it, but hey, it’s free!