Radicool Trip 2 ~ WGD ‘Broken’ Two-Week Competition

The first thing I notice as I write this is that this is my 100th post on this blog! That averages out to a post every 10 or so days, so I really need to increase the frequency of my posts. I did want to do something special when this milestone came by, but I couldn’t think of anything I could do, so I’m just going to post as I normally would. Thanks to all my readers for supporting me up to this point! Hopefully there are many more posts to come. Also, I’m 13 days late with this post, since it’s the day before the two-week following this one. Ah well, I’m not known for my punctuality.

The themes for this jampetition was Broken, but due to an extra talk scheduled by the society, it lasted three weeks instead of the usual two. I guess that makes the title of this post quite misleading, but that’s not my fault! I decided to make a sequel to my previous game, Radicool Trip, although the gameplay is completely different. The game is also a sort-of 2D-3D hybrid, in which the world is 3D but you can only view the world from one plane at a time with an orthographic camera – that is, one that ‘looks straight’. It’s hard to explain, so here’s a screenshot:


I like how the psychedelic colours for the background turned out.

The flagship mechanic of the game, which is unfortunately very difficult to show off with images, is the ability to flip the world around in the X, Y and Z axes. Imagine Fez, but instead of just rotating the world left and right, you can rotate it up, down, clockwise and anticlockwise too. That’s what the UI in the bottom-right corner is for. The controls are a bit awkward, but it’s the only way to represent three-axis world rotations. I’ve tried this before unsuccessfully in a 3D game, so I was happy to figure out how to accomplish it. You can move the player left and right using A and D, or by flipping the world so there’s empty space below you. But beware, falling off the world will respawn you from the beginning of the level.


Of course I spent ages on text engines. What do you take me for?

A lot of the development time went on improving the text engine from Radicool Trip 1. It’s far more efficient and uses a better font than the previous engine. It’s also far easier to use, although I rushed the end of the game so it’s also very buggy. It worked out for the best though, because that made it fit the theme! There’s a bug where rotating the world and falling through two text triggers in a row causes them both to try and render at the same time, and another bug in the penultimate level that sometimes crashes the game inexplicably. I also set the wrong target level on the penultimate level’s goal so it sends you back to the first level, so it’s almost like some pretentious view on the repetitive, cyclic nature of life or something like that. But I swear it’s not.

I tried to write a bit of humour into the characters’ lines, although I also wrote them in about an hour before the jampetition showcase so it’s probably a little rusty. I’d really like to make an RPG of some kind at some point, so hopefully my shiny (yet broken) text engine will be of a lot of use for a project like that.

Anyway, you can find the game lurking in a corner of the internet somewhere! That horrifying corner is located on the very convenient link below.

The theme for the next two-week competition is Power, so you’ll very soon be seeing something I’ve been saving for a while. Plus, I’ll be posting about the WGD 48-hour game jam that happened this weekend even sooner; the theme for that was Translation.