Transcribe ~ WGD ‘Translate’ 48-Hour Jam

Last weekend was the WGD 48-hour game jam, which happens once every term. Because I hate sleep and love making games, I was there for ridiculous hours. The theme was ‘Translate’, so I made a little game in which you translate characters from one language to another.


It’s in 3D. THREEEE-DEEEE! *sparkle sparkle*

It’s a pretty simple game that took far too long to get working; you get given a word in one language (in the beginning, only English) and you’re asked to translate each character of the word into a different character set. There are four languages – English, Braille, Morse code and Nonglish (one I made up; it’s ‘not English’).  As you solve more words, the game gets more difficult – the words get longer and you’l possibly be asked to translate from a non-English word to another language. It gets seriously tense when that happens!


The interface for entering characters.

The difficulty of words is influenced by how common the characters of the word are in English text. For example, ‘e’ is weighted the least, while something like ‘x’ is right up there amongst the most difficult. The more words you complete, the more difficult the requested words will be. Your score can decrease if you select an incorrect combination of letters; if you make a wrong selection you can’t undo it, which may hinder you later on if the letter you accidentally picked is needed later on in the word! The only thing I forgot to add is a lose condition – the timer reaching zero was originally intended to stop the game, but I forgot to add this in. Silly me! The game just does… nothing when you run out of time. I’ll add that in if I ever complete this game properly!

A few drawback of the game are that it completely lacks sound and nice shiny particles and screen-shake when you get a word right or wrong. I also wanted a little score counter to come up for every character when a word is input so you can more visibly see which characters were correct and which weren’t. The game is simple enough that I may tweak it a little and polish it up in the future though.

To download this game, just click the very handy download banner below. Very soon, I’ll have another download up for the two-week jampetition game (which was made over summer and adapted in the two weeks), but it’s a much larger project, so a write-up may take a little while longer.