Want to play one of my games?

Just click one of the neat little boxes below and you’ll be whisked away to one of the many game worlds I’ve made over the past couple of years! In each description, there’s a link to a blog post about the game for the more curious amongst you.

Shifting Dungeons ~ Ludum Dare 35 (Shapeshift)

As a time-bending, shapeshifting magician, make your way through procedurally generated dungeons by shooting magic at stuff. Read More >>>

Tappy Dev ~ Warwick Game Design (Fuck This, 48 Hour)

Mash your phone’s screen with as many fingers as you can to ‘make games’. Relatable to any game developers currently bashing their head against their computer. Read More >>>


Ritual Quest ~ Global Game Jam 2016 (Ritual)

Start off with Fire, Water, Earth and Air, and craft brand new elements in order to regain the ability to walk and unlock new areas of the world. Read more >>>


Slower Than Sound ~ Ludum Dare 34 (Two-Button Control / Growing)

Shoot down the opponent by aiming at their weapons on your turn, and defend against them by shielding your own weapons on theirs. Read more >>>


Transcribe ~ Warwick Game Design (Translate, 48 Hour)

Translate each character of a given word to the target alphabet. Swivel to the left to see a stone with translations between alphabets. Read more >>>


Radicool Trip 2 ~ Warwick Game Design (Broken, Two-week)

Rotate the world to reach the end goal in your second quest to find the Crystal Popsee. Has a very fancy text engine. Read more >>>


Radicool Trip ~ Warwick Game Design (Retro, Two-week)

Walk to the right a lot and speak to the best-written AI characters in the games industry on your first quest to find the elusive Crystal Popsee. Read More >>>


Fuzzy Horde ~ Ludum Dare 33 (You Are The Monster)

Control a whole horde of fuzzy monsters at once and destroy turrets on your way to the Raiders’ treasure (which is apparently invisible). Read more >>>


I Will Be Happy ~ Ludum Dare 32 (An Unconventional Weapon)

Shoot everyone in a depressed city with love and hugs in order to rescue everyone from their daily lives. Read more >>>


9 To 5 ~ Global Game Jam 2015 (What Do We Do Now?)

Control Nathan, a very incompetent ex-employee of ACME Plumb Inc., as he completes short quests for all sorts of colourful characters. Read more >>>


Forever Falling ~ Ludum Dare 31 (Entire Game on One Screen)

My first 48 hour entry; guide Sam through a series of gravity-based puzzles, collecting as many coins as you can on the way. Read more >>>


Sam’s Micro Adventure ~ Warwick Game Design (Micro, Two-week)

A precursor to Forever Falling (the game above this) – join Sam, our trusty one-bit friend, as he makes his way through the innards of a computer. Read more >>>


Lavender Town ~ Warwick Game Design (Spooky, Two-week)

You’ve heard of that creepypasta, haven’t you? I knew you had. You should join me… I’m… so lonely… Read more >>>


Strobe Simulator ~ Warwick Game Design (Reflection, Two-week)

My first WGD competition! Reflect lasers off the wall, the floor and the ceiling to blast the floating spheres into the wall and destroy them before they hurt you. Read more >>>


Four By Eight ~ No theme

An attempt at a minimalist rhythm game consisting of very few pixels. Read more >>>


Project Spikes ~ No theme

A physics-focused 3D platformer featuring lasers and short puzzles. Read more >>>


Want to play a tech demo instead?

Then get yer ass to Warwick Game Design Society, the prime place your your bi-weekly dose of tech demo-ey goodness! We make really cool games too, but a tech demo or two never hurt anyone. Here’s a few of mine (well, some aren’t just mine… but I worked on all of them):

Pew Pew Generation ~ Warwick Game Design (Generation, Two-week)

A re-imagining of Fractal Mountain that adds chunk-loaded infinite generation and a silly networked FPS component. No, I don’t know either. Apparently I forgot to write about it, so no “Read more”…


Fractal Mountain Generator ~ Warwick Game Design (Growth, Two-week)

A random, low-poly terrain generator. Read more >>>


“Unity 3D Platformer” ~ No theme

Sadly, this exists. It was one of my very early attempts at doing stuff with the Unity game engine. Read more >>>


“Java 2D Game” ~ No theme

Sort of a Minicraft clone, but with even fewer features. Based on a YouTube tutorial series, it’s my first crack at programming. Read more >>>


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