04/05/13 Update

I’ve done more tweaking of the gems, and I’ve now added some sparkles to each gem, to make them a bit more pretty. I’ve also added one more gem, the diamond.unity_gems_5These are really sparkly, and this is something I will transfer to all the other gems next. The shape of the diamonds is quite cool, as the light reflects off them in a really cool way. Diamonds are worth 10 gems, making them extremely valuable to collect, but also they will be rarer in the final game. This now means there are 5 gems with the upgraded models I’m using.

unity_gems_all_2Another thing I’ve done is to upgrade the colliders of the gems from sphere colliders to mesh colliders. With the old sphere colliders, gems would occasionally roll around indefinitely and fall off the level, but now they will rest on their edge, which is a lot more realistic and looks much better.

unity_platformer_11This means gems can be found on their side or upside-down, although the default position of the gems in the game will be face-up. All this means is that they can be deflected across the level from an explosion and land in a realistic position. The way I tested this was by putting many gems in two containers,  with one container filled with gems with the sphere collider, the other with mesh colliders, then starting the game. As they fall from the container, the sphere collider gems roll out in all directions indefinitely, but the mesh collider gems land in a neat pile.

unity_platformer_12This works really well, and now all the gems have mesh colliders. You can see this happen in the YouTube video I produced about this update. I will start to do video updates along with some of these blog updates, to show what I mean in more detail. Download the game here and give it a go, feel free to give feedback or ideas what I could do next. I will be working on trees later, so there should be another update relatively soon. That’s it for today, thanks for reading.



28/04/13 Update


I’ve done a bit more work on the game today. Mostly, I have been watching some more tutorials to help my understanding of a few concepts, and I have applied what I have learned about making models in Blender to improve the current gem models. The shapes and textures of these models are a lot more aesthetically pleasing than before, such as more defined edges (I worked out how to reduce the smoothing at the edges). The light reflecting of the gems is better, too.


The new emerald model on the left. Notice how the edges are more defined than before, making the gem look more clean-cut. The light reflection makes more sense and the colour is much nicer, too.


The new ruby, on the left, is much better than the old one, as it’s a bit more realistic (except for the fact it’s not transparent, although this is intended because I want my game to have a cartoon-y feel to it eventually).


Again, with sapphire. The gems are also noticeably larger than before, and I think they look better this way.

I’ve also made preparations for some new gems, like amethyst (the layman’s term is ‘purple gem’) and diamond. Both will be worth a lot (eg. diamonds worth 10 gems). I’ve tweaked the value of each gem, so now rubies are worth 1 and so on. This is so I can add more low-value gems, which I like the look of, without ruining the balance of the game. The first new gem I’ve added is the topaz, a yellow gem.


This topaz is quite an attractive gem, and I hope that the upcoming diamonds and amethysts will also look great. This is worth 3 gems, whereas the amethyst will be worth 5 and the diamond a whopping 10 gems. Furthermore, the collision spheres of these gems should fit better than the old ones so they shouldn’t look like they are floating in mid-air anymore.

I also had a go at creating trees, as the current levels are lacking in interesting features, and they are really basic, but I’ll have another go in the future at trees and hopefully they will turn out a bit better. Hey, it’s better than my attempt at grass, which I won’t show you out of embarrassment.


Now that I have a bit more experience with Blender, I will try to make proper textures for the portal next, and perhaps some scenery. I will also start to populate the whole level with gems, and have a set number in each level, rather than the random arrangement I have now. In the GUI, I will also have a number for the total gems in each level, to show you if you’ve collected them all yet, and a little gem icon next to the gem count to make it look pretty. Thanks for reading, and please download the newer version for testing here.