Random Review #3: Metal Gear Solid (GBC, 2000). Because nuclear-equipped bipedal robots.

Genre: Stealth, Action

This is a strange one. Having played the game of the same name to death years ago on the PlayStation, discovering the existence of a Gameboy Color version surprised me. So I gave it a go, and it’s actually a great game! One point I have to make is that the Gameboy Color version is NOT the same as the PlayStation version, as you will soon see.metal_gear_solid_1

For a GBC game, it’s actually rather good graphically. The environments are well-designed, and the game is surprisingly expansive, with many locations to explore. The game goes back to its 2D roots, and is similar to the original Metal Gear games in terms of gameplay. The PS1 game with the same name follows a completely different storyline, as it is part of the main series. This is more like a spin-off, completely detached from the main series, however it has an excellent storyline and it is worth the effort to complete.


Robots are cool. Destroying the world with them isn’t. Rail guns are cool though, and this metal gear has two! REX is soooooo overrated…

The story this time round is to infiltrate the country of Gindra, a small African state currently engulfed in a fierce war trying to establish itself as an independent state. Sounds normal, right? Is it also a coincidence that their main fortress, Galuade, was formerly called Outer Heaven, the same fortress Snake, the protagonist, had defeated seven years ago and killed his own father in? I guess you’ll have to play to find out…metal_gear_solid_3

It’s a great game, and an alternative sequel to the events of the original Metal Gear. It’s fun to find inventive ways to sneak past guards, it always amuses me when I fool a computer AI by knocking on the wall or hiding in a cardboard box. You’ll have fun playing this game, received well by critics, and scoring highly in reviews, such as 10/10 from IGN. It gets 10/10 from me too. Go get it now! And after playing that, go play Metal Gear Solid on the PS1, perhaps the greatest PS1 game ever!