Another new Level! Project Spikes 20/02

I’ve added another new level, World 2 Level 3. This also brings with it new textures for walls, including a texture for the walls that cubes bounce of loads so they can be distinguished from normal walls, and a new texture for transparent walls, which uses a transparent version of the classic ‘blocky’ style texture. The models for cube spawners and gravit spawners have been made much smaller, saving space vertically (those things used to be huuuuge!), and a load more sounds and particle effects have been added, just have a play around to see what’s new.

spikes-64Right here, you can see the transparent textures on the left and the altered cube spawner on the right. The puzzle for this level is that you have to get a cube onto a pressure plate just outside the starting room – but how can you get there without the cube being destroyed by the field you can see in the screenshot? Oh, and those pressure plates are one of the things with a new particle system, as are destroyed cubes. Both also have sound effects to go with them.


On the main menu, you’ll find a button to go straight to the newest level, so you don’t have to go through loads of previous levels to look at the new stuff, so you can save time and just see the new stuff. I hope that’ll help with you all testing stuff out, and the easier it is for people to play, the more feedback I can get and, hopefully, the better I can make the game.

There’s a few other small things I added: a shiny ice texture for icy floors, like the one in the Hub World, new sounds for the force gun (the sound for shooting something not held by the gun is new, the sound for an object shot while held isn’t), running particles, sounds for objects colliding with other stuff, a sound for opening/closing doors, and a few script optimisations.

You can play the game at the usual place, either the tab at the top of this page, or here. Have fun playing!


A Massive Change Of Plan

You know the 3D Platform game I was making before? Well, I’ve decided to put it on the back-burner for now, as I realise it was much too ambitious for someone so new to game development to go making a large open-world game like that. So now, I’ve started to follow a tutorial on YouTube from a group called Brackeys – you should definitely watch their series on Unity survival game development. This is the best tutorial I’ve seen so far for this purpose, and I’m making great progress with it. So far, I have a first-person game with the player holding a magical sword with a bit of basic Unity animation, and a basic enemy that can be killed with the sword.

survival-game-1The capsules are enemies, and are killed after two hits. Currently they simply disappear after being hit, but eventually they will have a death animation. The sword’s model was created in Blender, and you can see the player’s hand (currently only a cube) holding it by the handle. The glowing effect on the sword was made with a Particle System in Unity; it is activated when you attack the enemy and persists for about 20 seconds, with the small glowing particles travelling up the sword. Currently there are no other effects of this glow, but in the future this may be used to apply buffs to the sword, such as more attack power, or a greater ranged attack.

survival-game-2I also had a little play around with lighting and made a couple of torches with red light emanating from them. This makes a rather nice lighting effect, and in my game I will probably add some sort of rooms with chests or item pickups inside, with this sort of lighting. Of course, the walls and floor will have far better textures by that point. I’m going to complete this tutorial series over time and hopefully have a proper survival game completed by the end of it. I’ll be back to document my progress with this new venture, and I will have a better plan of where I want this to go at a later date.


16/05/13 Update- Boxes!

Alpha 0.1.3a Update

I’ve been at work again today, and I’ve finally added crates. They’re pretty basic right now, but I’ll work on them a bit more in the coming days. unity_platformer_26These crates explode when you walk into them, and they expel upto 5 gems. They also release loads of particles that look like miniature versions of the box textures. It kinda reminds me of when you break a block in Minecraft. I really like how these have turned out, and later on I will have different types of crates with different types of pickups, such as health, lives or maybe another collectible. It is also likely that they will not be the only type of destructible container, as I may add items such as jars. Enemies, when added, will also drop gems.

As some people may have noticed, I added a health and life counter in the corner in the last update, but they don’t currently do anything. The next update will focus on this, meaning there will be a way of getting hurt, and there will be a Game Over screen when you run out of lives.  You may also have noticed some gold bars lying about- these may remain simply as decoration, but I could also make these into a second collectible alongside gems, as a rarer find, perhaps only 5 of them in each level.

I’ve also been finding all the bugs in the title screen and I think I’ve squashed them all, so the loading and saving system should be completely flawless now, as well as having 5 slots for game saves and error messages when all slots are full or if you try to enter an empty name under New Game.

Another thing I did, which was actually in the last update, is a title screen, accessed through pressing p. unity_platformer_27You can alter the same options here as you can in the title screen options menu, and if you select ‘Quit Game’, it comes up with a warning. Confirming to quit will take you back to the title screen. I’ve also changed the skybox for the title screen options to something a bit more interesting. unity_platformer_28Now the desert looks like it’s on fire. I like this more than the gloomy overcast look the level had before. This came from a pack of skyboxes I downloaded for free from the Unity Asset store, as is the one I used for the title screen. I don’t remember the name of it but it wouldn’t be hard to track down, and I recommend it, especially to anyone making a space-themed game.

I think I will also start to consider making a proper main character for the game. The red cube is getting a little old now, so I want to make an actual player. I will research around the different ways to do this and hopefully I will find the best way to get the player modeled and animated. Have fun playing with today’s update, found in the usual location. I did want to make a Unity Webplayer version, but it didn’t work for some reason. I will investigate that and hopefully I can get a working version. Thanks everyone!