Two-week Competitions: ‘Spooky’ and ‘Growth’

That’s right, today’s going to be a special two-game bonanza! Well, really it’ll just be one game and a pretty cool tech demo, but it’s generous nonetheless. Both the following games were made for two-week competitions for Warwick Game Design society, and made by the same two guys that made this.

Lavender Town, theme: Spooky

As the name suggests, it’s based on Lavender Town from the original Pokemon Red and Blue. The general atmosphere of the town is such a creepy experience, how could we not make a game based on the creepypastas spawned by the games? Obviously we wouldn’t completely rip off a completely-true, legit story such as this, so we did our own spin on it.



It’s a relatively short game (it’ll probably take you no more than 5 minutes), but it took a lot of work to pull off. We used a lot of resources for this one, such as a lovely glitch shader for sprites in Unity, plus of course all of the original music and sprites (which, because we’re idiots, we decided to copy out entirely by hand. At least we’re better at pixel art now).


The really cool glitch shader, mid-glitch.

If you’d like to give it a go, then you’ll find it in various places – either on IndieDB, on my Dropbox, or on the Warwick Game Design website, where you can also see everyone else’s entries.

Fractal Mountain Generator, theme: Growth

This game doesn’t really have much game in it at all, but it is pretty cool – it’s a random generator that subdivides a mesh over a number of iterations, and moves around the vertices a little to produce a fractal mountain. In an attempt to put some actual game inside it, there’s a red cube that spawns in a random place and drops down somewhere on the mountain, and you have to find it.


Only the highest quality textures.

There really isn’t much to do, except appreciate the fact that this game might not have existed, had we not found all the hidden bugs in time. Seriously, Tom and I probably crashed Unity more times for this project that we have for everything before this combined. If you want to give it a go, you can go grab it from my Dropbox.

fract-02Actual games are overrated; tech demos are where it’s at.

I’m also working on the next project by myself (although I’ll help Tom when he gets an idea, because I’m obviously such a nice person). The theme is Micro, so my idea is a little guy called Sam who inhabits a computer, and has the ability to change size and gravity to navigate through to the end of a few levels. Here’s a teaser image:


*Hop* *Bounce* *Boing*

Hopefully this time it won’t take me forever to get around to posting about the game!



Random Code: Bottomless Pits

Feeling random today, so I’m starting a new series of posts where I give examples of the code I have used in my games, written in Javascript, and for use with Unity. Today I will post some code that will run when the player falls off a level. First you need a collider of some kind placed below the level; make it wide enough so that your player always lands on it when they fall of the level, and as far down as you want (but not so far it will take ages to fall to it). Make sure the collider is a trigger, then attach to it a script containing this code:

function OnTriggerEnter(other: Collider)
    if(other.tag == "Player")
        other.SendMessage("Die", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);

This code basically checks if the collider falling into the trigger is tagged “Player”, and if so, it will send the message “Die” to the object, which will call the Die() function in any scripts attached to the player; this is useful for putting some respawn code in the Die() function, so the player gets respawned whenever they fall off the level. If the object isn’t tagged “Player”, then it simply gets destroyed, so enemies and scenery will just disappear rather than fall indefinitely. Just remember to tag your player as “Player”, and then you’re good to go! Also, it would help if someone could tell me why WordPress is colossally bad at letting me indent text, it was a pain to type this post, but I hope it helps anyway.


I’m also making progress with Project Spikes, and another update will come around pretty soon. For now, a teaser image!

spikes-11Yeah, grayscale images ftw! Anyway, happy coding peoples!