Uni Life = Good

You’ve probably noticed the startling lack of things happening on here lately. I’ve not disappeared off the face of the earth though; I’ve been trundling through the first week of life at the University of Warwick, enjoying Fresher’s week (well, my liver hasn’t. But the alcohol will shut him up). So I’ve not had all that much time to do writing or game developing stuff, but I’ve been social (for once) and met loads of amazing people, from the ultra-cool guys I’m living with, to the equally-ultra-cool guys from the Game Design and Computing societies, plus the still-ultra-cool guys doing the same Computer Science degree as me. I still can’t remember everyone’s names, but I’ve gotten my flatmates’ names down, which is the important bit.


This is part of the alcohol consumption of 12 people in one week. RIP my liver.

Right off the bat, I’m the jammy git who got the room that used to be a shared room too. Hence, it’s literally twice the size of the average room, which is why it’s the empty bottle room, and it’s also supposedly going to be used as the sofa room, and the bean bag room, and load of other ideas that haven’t come to fruition yet. One day, I’ll get a sofa in here, though. And a TV. Why the heck don’t I have a TV yet? On top of that, it’s in Sherbourne, one of the nicer accommodation blocks, plus this is one of only two blocks out of Sherbourne’s six with a launderette. And the people living with me are super-hyper-awesome. I lucked out. Happy face.


This is bigger than my room back home. Fuck yeah.

So far, Fresher’s Week has been full-to-bursting with things to do, such as the Societies Fairs and having free stuff thrown at you if you look even remotely like a fresher (Domino’s, I’m looking at you), and the night events, like the awesome arrival parties at the Copper Rooms, and a few club nights, which were equally amazing. There are a few marks on the chunder chart (yes, we have a flat chunder chart, you mad?), but I’ve managed to keep it all in so far. One tip though: Assembly in Leamington is pretty shit.

Then there’s the societies. I’ve been to two society events so far, for the Game Design society and the Computing society. For the game design welcome thing-a-ma-jig, we spent the first hour listening to a PowerPoint presentation on a projector that loves the colour black, and got told about the two-week game design competitions held by the society. Basically, a theme gets set at the start of the competition (this fortnight’s theme is ‘Reflection’), we make a game based on that theme, then in two weeks we’ll showcase what we have to the rest of the group, and a winner gets chosen, rinse, repeat. For this competition, I’m gonna be teaming up with my flatmate Tom, so hopefully our resulting product will be twice as good! We have a few ideas and a really basic scene set up in Unity, so perhaps I’ll show you how it’s going as the fortnight goes on, and I’ll show you the end result for sure.


Game of the Year, right here.

I’ll make sure to keep you posted on what’s going on here at uni (which will probably be a lot), I’m sure I’ll have a lot to talk about!


A Completely Random Post #2, Plus a Free Game Reveal

Again I have found myself in the deep, dark pit of boredom. So, I’m gonna go ahead and defile the sanctity of the Internet with my random words about random things.

So, what are you gonna be talking about today, good sir?

To start off, here’s a picture of me from last Saturday, wearing cat ears:


When I give you this look, you know you’re coming home with me.

In less than a month, this guy is apparently going to uni. He’s about as surprised as you are. Yup, some guy with way too much of a smirk and sexy cat ears is on his way to Warwick to do all things Computer Science-y, and as such he’s clearly taken steps to up his maturity level. But since I’ll be doing a computer science course, that SHOULD mean that my work will go through the roof in terms of quality. In the meantime, I still have the rest of the month, pretty much, to get my game upto scratch. And that brings me to my next piece of news – my new game!

New game? What? Why? Where? How? This is new!

Boom! Right out of the blue! Well, the grey really. Time for the reveal of my brand new game, Four By Eight!


Well, well, well. A shiny new game, huh? I wanna play!

The basic idea of the game is that the world exists as a 4×8 array of tiles, as seen above. You control the white tile, and you’re only able to move up and down on the leftmost column in discrete steps. The goal? Avoid the grey tiles that move towards you at  increasing speeds from the right. Simple, huh? When I add a couple more features on top of that (don’t worry, I’m chock full of them) then I’ll put out a version for you guys to play.

The idea with this game is to keep the art style as minimalist as possible, while keeping enough stuff happening on the screen to keep players interested. Then, on top of that I’ll try keeping the game addictive, so there’s that ‘one more try’ factor, like all arcade-style games need to have. I guess that’s all I have to say right now about this exciting new project, so until next time!